Bocce will be back Soon




We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Although we

do not meet in the summer we’ll provide any equipment needed if it

is available. Please call us if you need a wheel chair or walker

for a visitor. We’re glad to lend them to you for a few days or

weeks. We appreciate it when you are able to meet us at the

Sports Center to pick up or return equipment. We are short

handed in the summer since some of our volunteers are snow


We’re sad to announce the loss of a former member of our WE

CARE group, Mae Lagana. Mae was a long time resident of Coral

Cay and a long-time member of WE CARE. Although Mae had lost

her sight, she was a very feisty lady and lived alone after the loss

of her husband. She had recently moved to an assisted living

facility. Rest In Peace, Mae.

Thanks again to our HOA and our caring residents for their

continued support. Have a safe and healthy summer!

Naomi Velazquez, Chairperson: 954-366-6118

Doris La Broad, Treasurer: 954-984-9883


About Our Clubs

Margate Florida


A trip to a Marlins game is being planned for later this
summer. Please watch the boards and listen to the
blasts for further information.
The Men’s Club is planning another baseball outing on August 12th, when the Marlins play
the Boston Red Sox. Please keep an eye on the bulletin board and listen to the weekly
blast for more information.
Respectfully submitted
Robert Sweeney, President


Bingo is played every Wednesday night at 6:30 in the
Sports Center. You can play 6 cards for $5 or 12 cards
for $10. Free coffee and snack provided; burgers dogs,
drinks available at very reasonable prices. Come on
down and take a chance, you might go home the big
The entire Coral Cay community wishes our Bingo guru,
Bob Sweeney, a speedy and complete return to health.
You are in our thoughts and prayers, Bob.


Hi everyone,
I hope you had a great summer and that you are eager to start a new bowling season. Our season begins
officially Friday, November 7th. We hope the turnout will be as great as last year. Whether you are a resident of
Coral Cay or not, all are always welcome! Form your own team of 4 players or I will set you up with one of the
existing teams. We play every Friday morning at 9:00 am at the Brunswick Bowling Lanes on State Road 7. The
cost is $7.50 per person for 3 strings. Bowling balls of different weights are available at no cost. Bowling shoes
can be rented for $2.00. Come and join us and have some fun and excitement, you will not regret it. For further
information please contact Lyse Goneau at 954 582-8056
Salut à tous,
J'espère que vous avez passé un bel été et que vous êtes en forme pour une nouvelle saison de quilles. Notre
saison commence le 6 novembre et nous espérons vous voir en grand nombre. Les résidents de Coral Cay
ainsi que toute personne en dehors de notre communauté sont tous bienvenus. On peut former notre propre
équipe de 4 joueurs ou être associé avec une équipe déjà en place. Nous jouons tous les vendredis matin à 9h
au Brunswick Bowling Lanes situé sur State Road 7. Pour trois parties, le coût est de 7,50$ par personne. Des
balles de quilles de différentes pesenteurs sont disponibles sans frais par contre, le coût pour la location des
souliers de quilles est de 2$. Venez-vous joindre à nous pour vous divertir et avoir du plaisir et de l'agrément. Si
plus de renseignements s'avéraient nécessaires n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec Lyse Goneau au numéro
(954) 582-8056


Free Thursday Game Nights

Aug 6th, 20th & 27th

6:30 pm Heritage Club Card Room

Come out and play!

Free Snacks & Beverages served

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